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Liza Jones - Professional Speaker

Gold Star
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Are you looking for a dynamic and memorable speaker for your event?


Liza Jones has been a speaker in public for well over a decade on a wide range of business and leisure issues. A confident and articulate communicator, her authenticity is immediately obvious as she clearly has a passion for her topics, transferring her excitement for the subject matter to her audience. She swiftly builds a rapport by ensuring that before she arrives, she researches who will be there and what they are looking for.

Liza’s warm personality and natural presentation style quickly engages them, stirring their curiosity and giving them a reason to become truly involved and care about the ideas covered. Part of her approach is to use two-way communication with her audiences, encouraging participation and getting feedback which she then uses to adjust the exact vocabulary and messages as appropriate.

Always conscious of the need to be entertaining while informing, and in some cases persuading and influencing, she inspires her audiences, often motivating them to take action. Her creative use of props and examples to convey the validity of her concepts enable her to work in sync with the audience. By using the energy of the room and non-verbal body language, she paints pictures through telling stories to illustrate her subject matter and in so doing fires her audience with interest while giving them the benefit of her extensive research and experiences. 

Take a look at the leisure topics pages and contact Liza to enjoy one of her talks.

For information on business topics, please send an email.

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