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Business Talks

What topics are covered?

Topics can be bespoke for in-house events or pre-determined for commercial training courses.   


Examples of interactive seminars include:

  • Seven Secrets of Low Cost Marketing

  • Stand back and manage! Building an effective team

  • Gaining Effective Press Coverage Without an Advertising Budget

  • How To Write Effective News Releases and Newsletters

  • Public Relations for Virgins - What Can You Achieve?

  • Delegation - give space, get results

  • Branding - Far More than just Image, Logo and House Style

  • Copywriting Features for Trade and Technical Press

  • Avoiding the dangers of recruiting mainly for experience and qualifications

  • Dynamic and Stress Free Industrial Presentations

  • Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers - Fundamentals of B2B Marketing

  • Achieving Success through PR and Publicity

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