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Testimonials and Feedback for Speaker Liza Jones

Liza Jones

Below are sample testimonials received from some of the 200+ talks Liza has given.

“When Liza started to talk, she got us interested right from the start. She held people’s interest through her logical and enlightening approach to the History of Cosmetics. We particularly liked the amusing asides and the facts about white lead. Liza had obviously researched her subject and related it in a way that kept her audience entertained.”

Southgate Church Ladies Group

"Liza was very professional when she gave her talk on Knickers! The History of Women’s Underwear, and her fee goes to a great charity. Her approach was clear and she introduced humour as well as showing a selection of props which were perfect for the talk."

Ipswich and Suffolk Club

"Just a quick note to thank you so much for your (Knickers! Zoom) talk last night. It was fantastic! The perfect balance of entertaining and educational."

CyberCats Virtual WI

"I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your most interesting talk The Painted Face – a History of Cosmetics last Thursday.  I hope we can book you again for another informative talk in the not too distant future.”  

Great Barton WI

"Thank you for your talk (on Knickers!) last night. All the Ladies thoroughly enjoyed it and thought you were brilliant. You brought back so many memories for us and had everyone talking about it at the end of the evening.”

Redgrave Ladies Club

"Liza was well prepared and has an excellent style pf presentation. Her use of props for the topic - Knickers! The History of Women’s Underwear – was good, and we liked seeing the examples of products on this interesting topic.” Bury St Edmunds Afternoon WI

"Liza is a professional and knowledgeable speaker. We liked her informal and humorous approached rather than a ‘lecture’. Her use of props was interesting, especially the packaging and the (small) amount in jars of face cream.”

Willingham WI 


"Liza caught our attention immediately when she started to talk. She was very clear and easy to hear. Liza's approach to the topic of Behind the Bathroom Door was good from a historical viewpoint, developing people's knowledge of the subject. Historical artefacts were passed around and the demonstration of 'floating soap' held our attention." Sewards End WI

"Liza was pleasant and her talk on the history of cosmetics very good. Her style of presentation was interesting and original and perfect for our club. We particularly liked that we could look at, touch and feel the props she brought. The talk was just what we wanted." 

Ladies Open Door Club, Newmarket

"Your talk (on Oranges and Lemons and other citrus) was excellent. Very many thanks. It was so interesting and very full of nuggets of information that were fascinating.”

Southgate Church Friendship Club

"We knew from the start that Liza’s talk would be interesting. She presents professionally and with humour, and she knows her subject inside out, so articulates clearly. Her talk on Behind the Bathroom Door was fascinating and brought back memories to most of us.”

Hadleigh WI

"Liza is a very good speaker - precise and knowledgeable, and easy to listen to. She also showed a fascinating range of props to illustrate her talk. The talk was informative and she was fun."

Bildeston Ladies Club

"It was clear when Liza started her talk on Savvy Shopping that we were in for an interesting evening. Her approach was very versatile and one that was of interest to ladies regardless of their age.

She was engaging and entertaining, and used her props as a good additional element to the talk besides the slides. The whole talk was good, and our members really enjoyed both the style and content of her talk."

Debenham WI

"Thank you again for a fabulous (Zoom) talk on Knickers - The History of Women's Underwear. It brought back so many memories.  After we had our Notices and Show n' Tell we started to talk again about our school and teenage years and undergarments. We had so much fun this evening."

Marsh Quilters

"This was the second time we have used Liza and we will use her again as she makes an interesting evening. This time she talked about Savvy Shopping. Her style of presentation was very well paced and much enhanced by the slide show. She is clearly very organised, and her use of props was excellent."

Drinkstone WI

"Liza gave a genuinely riveting talk, sharing so many previously unknown facts about underwear. It's also always good to be able to see and handle examples. Her style of presentation was calm and clear, and her approach was enlightening, humorous and well-paced. She had thoroughly explored underwear through history, and showed a good, varied range of props. Liza really knows her stuff!”

Rougham Ravers WI

"Liza is enthusiastic about her topic (Knickers!) and VERY well researched.  Her passion showed. She was organised, informative and fun, explaining how the (Zoom) session would run. There was a good balance  and mixture of talk, PowerPoint, actual examples and questions. Her use of PowerPoint was illustrative – not just read out – and her props provided good support to the talk. We really liked it when she highlighted the shape, style and decoration on props. The best part was the way she invited questions and comments in an open way.”

Old Town Belles WI

"Liza is competent, professional and well prepared. She is incredibly good at what she does. Her use of props was very good  -  and fascinating, and we particularly enjoyed the part about the rib cage corset.”

Kirbymoorside WI

"Liza was smartly dressed, welcoming and friendly. Her style of presenting was quite informal, making it easy to listen to. She was well prepared and we particularly liked the way she broke up the (Zoom) talk into different sections with plenty of time for questions. We all enjoyed the unusual subject (Knickers!) which was put forward clearly and with lots of examples.”

Biggleswade Evening WI

"Thank you so much for your (Zoom) talk on Monday. I found it quite fascinating and most interesting. Also it was fun to see the sort of things we, our mothers and grandmothers used to wear. It’s quite amazing how our ‘Underwear’ has evolved over time. I also liked the props that you showed us and thoroughly enjoyed the whole talk.”

Kirbymoorside WI

"Our first impression of Liza was that she is friendly. She was easy to watch and understand, and the examples of props she showed really helped. One of our members said it was the first time she’d been told how to measure correctly for a bra. Liza was enthusiastic about her subject (Knickers! - The History of Underwear) which always makes a speaker more enjoyable.”

Warlingham WI

"We all loved Liza’s Zoom talk on  Knickers! – The History of Underwear. Liza was calm, excellent, fascinating, informative, organised, entertaining, and interesting with an excellent knowledge of the history of Knickers! and good props.” 

Beckford WI

"Liza is a very knowledgeable (Zoom) speaker who has done a lot of research into her subject. She is a very relaxed speaker who answered our questions. We loved her props and were interested to see Queen Victoria’s knickers and the price! The talk brought back memories of roll ons, suspender belts and Liberty bodices. Also the gym knickers we used to wear in the 60s  We liked the Janet Reger underwear and the cost back in the 70s.”

Shepley WI

"Thank you so much for the super (Zoom) talk on Thursday evening. The chat after you signed of was really positive. Lots of people commented on what an easy speaker you were to listen to and how interesting is was, not to mention lots of lovely memories. You’re clearly very knowledgeable about your subject.”

Marton cum Grafton WI

"Thank you so much for giving up your evening to talk to the ladies of Osbaldwick & Murton WI this evening. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your talk and I have already received several emails to that effect. The last part was certainly a trip down memory lane!”

Osbaldwick & Murton WI

"Thank you so much for joining us yesterday and for the very entertaining (Zoom) talk. We really enjoyed learning all about the history of underwear. It was shocking to see the deformities caused by the wearing of the laced corsets. Thank goodness we no longer have to endure those! The members really enjoyed the trip down memory lane sharing their experiences of wearing garments such as ‘roll-ons’, stockings and liberty bodices.”

Bradworthy WI 

"I wanted to thank you so much for your brilliant (Zoom) talk " the History of Underwear" today for our WI. It was so informative  and our members enjoyed it immensely.  It brought back lots of memories of wearing those school knickers and liberty bodices ! Thanks for the very good presentation. You have obviously done lots of research. Let's hope that Spanx do not come back into fashion.”

Woodford WI

"Many thanks for the wonderful (Zoom) talk you gave this evening. Everybody found it fascinating and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was really interesting and your presentation was excellent.  Interesting to know the origin of some of the words we use regularly as well.”

Stray Ladies WI

"Our initial impression of Liza was that she was welcoming, organised and competent. Her style of Zoom presentation for Women’s Underwear Through the Ages was well planned with historical content; informative and interesting. We were shown a number of interesting items and learned how women over the centuries endured the garments often with medical implications, and we were appreciative of today’s modern ways.”

Acton Bridge  WI

"Liza’s style of presentation is friendly, funny, confident, and she is comfortable with Zoom. Her use of props adds an extra layer of interest and she had gone to a lot of trouble to source real examples. The best part was the variety – slideshow, props, talk face to face and encouraging people to share their own memories. Liza is very knowledgeable on her subject which was well researched and delivered in an amusing way. We would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Saddleworth WI

"I wanted to quickly thank you again for your fabulous (Zoom) talk on Thursday. Our membership thoroughly enjoyed your fact-filled, fun and engaging presentation! It was such a pleasure to host you.”

 Chiltern American Women’s Club

"We had a very good speaker on Zoom last week  - Liza gave us a talk on Knickers! – the History of Underwear.  She looked smart and was well prepared. We really liked the way the talk was split up into sections to allow for garments to be shown and questions asked. We thoroughly enjoyed the information supplied, and seeing the props which had obviously taken years to collect. The talk ranged from Ancient Egypt to Janet Reger and Madonna’s conical bra via Queen Victoria’s knickers. Highly recommended for Zoom talks.”

Streatham WI

Feedback from the audience to the Bright Belles' Zoom talk included: “Very informative, many thanks,” “Very interesting talk - brought back a lot of memories.” “Thank you, really interesting.” “A very interesting and entertaining talk.” “Brilliant” “Great  talk with lovely company”  “Great fun!” “Brought back memories of my Nan's drawers and being made to wear a Liberty Bodice!”  “A really interesting talk, enjoyed every minute.”

And a comment from someone who joined from Ontario, Canada “I really enjoyed that and learned a lot.”

Brighton Belles WI

"Liza is friendly and she has a style of (Zoom) presentation that is easy to follow. Members liked that the talk was broken into short sessions. The props she showed were varied and we particularly likes the detailed information she gave. We would recommend Liza because she is interesting, knowledgeable and professional.”

Chesterfield Town WI

"The women loved it (your Zoom talk), absolutely loved it. Thank you so very much. We all really enjoyed it, so interesting, I loved your props. They were amazing. Still can’t believe how much that Bra cost. lol!”

The Moor Hens WI 

"The initial impression of Liza was that she was very professional and an experienced speaker. This was our impression from the moment we got in touch, even before the event. I think the booking form and practice Zoom session the week before was very beneficial for the smooth running of the Zoom meeting.

Liza’s talk was very informative and well researched. She was clearly passionate about the subject! Her style was very good - clear, precise and flowed well. We liked the format – 4 short talks, then in between each, time to look at props and ask questions. Liza showed a good selection of props. It was nice to see the real thing. The screen information was clear, too, with good examples and pictures. We liked the whole presentation.

Here are some other comments from our members: ‘very entertaining’, ‘brilliant speaker’, ‘subject thoroughly researched’, ‘marvellous’, ‘enjoyed it tremendously’, ‘absolutely brilliant talk’, ‘so interesting and informative’, ‘a great topic – I learned a lot’, ‘an excellent speaker’.”

Youlgrave WI

"Thank you for sharing a really fascinating (Zoom) talk on the history of underwear. The feedback from our ladies has been really positive and it was great to learn about where some of our expressions come from, like ‘Drawers’ for instance. I know the ladies loved being able to share their own memories of some the items you talked about. Thank you again and we may well be in touch to book you for another talk!”


Malpas WI

"Thank you for the (Zoom) talk on Thursday evening it was excellent, we all really enjoyed it.”

Hook and Chessington WI

"Thanks for such a wonderful (Zoom) talk last night Liza. The ladies all really enjoyed it."

Tynemouth WI


"Liza was calm, at ease and well prepared. The way she approached the topic of “Savvy Shopping – how to save money” was easy to understand, colourful and engaging. The props and products she showed emphasised the points made in the talk without being to ‘heavy’. The part I liked best was learning about RFID tags – something I knew nothing about.”

Pat from Chepstow WI

"We really enjoyed your (Zoom) talk on the history of underwear. It was an entertaining and informative evening and we hope that you will return and speak to us again on another topic.”

Cookley WI

"Thank you very much for your brilliant (Zoom) talk. Everybody really enjoyed it and wants more!

Do you do other talks?”

Nottinghamshire WI Federation

"Liza started her Zoom talk by being welcoming and professional. Her approached to Knickers! The History of Underwear was interesting, informative and fun. By breaking the talk up into segments, her style of presentation was clear and worked really well, and her use of props brought items to life.”

Wink Rayleigh WI

"Liza was excellent, both entertaining and knowledgeable. Her pace suited the occasion. She was an excellent communicator and her love of the subject informed her presentation. Thanks for organising it.”

"Please pass on my thanks to everyone who organised and, especially the speaker, for Knickers. Really enjoyed it; it certainly brought back a lot of memories.”  

"Thank you very much for tonight's talk on underwear. It was very interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it.” 

Nottinghamshire Federation of WI

"Our initial impression of Liza when she started to talk was of a very professional speaker with a good, clear voice and the all essential sense of humour. Liza is clearly very knowledgeable, with a passion and genuine interest in the topic which she conveyed to the audience.  The way she approached the topic of Knickers! The History of Women’s Underwear was comprehensive, moving from ancient times to the present day. We liked the way the talk was delivered in four units, with demonstrations of garments and time for questions between each part.


Liza’s presentation via Zoom was very professional; she knew exactly what to do with Zoom, using PowerPoint interspersed with hands-on demonstrations of garments. The talk was clear, well-paced and didn’t linger too long on topics or examples.  Liza’s use of props showed she is clearly very knowledgeable and interested in the subject. She had a fascinating array of garments (which some of us could remember wearing). It was interesting to see modern-day versions of (old) garments being worn on stage. And to know that some of the items on display had been acquired on Ebay! Our members enjoyed the whole talk. It was an excellent evening’s entertainment – and educational too. There were many positive comments on our Whatsapp site. Our members really enjoyed the talk and were very happy with our choice of speaker. So YES! – we would recommend Liza to other groups.”

Dringhouses WI

"Wow, Liza: what a fabulous (Zoom) talk! Fascinating content, very helpful process, and superb presentation skills. Thanks so much for all the thinking and research you put into everything and for giving your time to give this wonderful talk.”

Norwich U3A

"Our first impression of Liza was that she is a practised and confident speaker. Her approach to the topic of Knickers! The History of Underwear was interesting and informative without being too serious. And her style via Zoom was very competent. The part we liked best was the opportunity for members to comment and engage, plus the off-the-cuff comments. We would recommend Liza for Zoom talks for all these reasons.”

West Witney WI

"A lot of research has gone into your talk as well as collecting interesting items. I didn’t wear a liberty bodice, but I did have to wear thick school PE knickers. All I can say is Thank Goodness for Marks and Spencer. Thank you for the trip down memory lane and for a well presented, interesting and enjoyable talk." Nottinghamshire Federation of WI, from the Federation Vice Chair

 "Thank you very much for a very entertaining (Zoom) talk on the History of Underwear last night and going by the chat from our members it was well received by them. I made sure my bra was well fitted this morning!” 

Micheldene WI

"Morning Liza, I just wanted to thank you for the delightful (Zoom) talk - we really enjoyed it. It sparked quite a lot of conversation too, which was good.” 

West Ealing WI

"We had a very enjoyable evening listening to Liza telling us the history of knickers and ladies underwear and passing the examples around. Even the men enjoyed seeing what women used to struggle into. The garments we saw were beautifully made, and we could even remember wearing some of them in our youth. A very enjoyable evening.”

Harwich Inner Wheel

"Liza’s talk on Saffron – threads of gold, was well presented, clear and easy to understand. She used nice, clear pictures, and we recommend her to other groups because the talk was so interesting.”

Steeple Bumpstead Ladies Social Circle

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