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With groups no longer meeting face to face at the moment, many are moving to Zoom talks. Clearly these are not the same as meeting in person, but audience members are becoming familiar with how to use Zoom to watch talks, make comments and raise questions.

Often meetings will have a session at the start when people will catch up on one anothers’ news while they relax and get ready to listen to the speaker. Then usually the host will let everyone know that the talk is about to start, and they will mute audience members, putting the speaker on ‘speaker mode’. 

A talk can take the form of the speaker talking direct to the audience, but most will use a mixture of talking, a slide show, the use of a variety of props and a question and answer session. To see what a Zoom talk is like, do watch this short video: 



And to book a Zoom talk, please call Liza Jones on 020 7834 1066 or via email at lizajonesspeaker@gmail.com

Savvy Shopping 

Unearthing some of the ways marketeers encourage you to spend more. Why is thick bubble bath no better than its thin alternative? Just how much do you pay for a moisturizer? What is Brand Stretch? What are RFID tags used for? An insight into the techniques marketing people use to part you from your money and how you can overcome these, saving money when going to the supermarket and much more.

Saffron - Threads of Gold

This most expensive of spices has many diverse uses, from food flavouring and fragrance through dyeing, cosmetics and medicine. Saffron has long been held in high esteem by royalty and aristocracy, from Ancient Egypt to modern times. Includes recommendations of how to use and infuse saffron in either oil or water.

Oranges and Lemons

Citrus fruit are far more than just food. Here is a look at their history, uses and impact on human culture, health and well-being. Curious citrus facts include Paris saved from the plague by lemonade, oranges in classic paintings representing wealth or prostitution, and a plane’s Black Box is in fact bright orange. This talk is illustrated by a selection of antique citrus cooking utensils.

Knickers! – the history of underwear

The history of underwear, with examples, among others, of Victorian and Edwardian drawers, pantaloons and combinations, and a selection of 20th century pieces such as a range of bodies, suspenders, a bullet bra, a Liberty bodice, exotic extravagant lingerie sets and the modern Spanks. For male audiences, includes male underwear.


Why are Periods such a Bleeding Shame?  This frank talk reviews the impact of women’s menstrual cycles through the ages, looking at historical and modern approaches to handling this vital natural process, and how until recently menstruation led to women having virtually no rights. It covers different cultural attitudes, the disgrace of period poverty and how religions respond to menstruating women, along with the latest changes enabling girls in developing countries to continue their education.

Coming Soon

Other talks currently being prepared, and if you have a specific topic you would like a talk on, please let me know, and I will research it and add it to my repertoire (minimum three months’ notice required).

Behind the Bathroom Door

A look at how people have kept clean (or not!) through the ages, including the multitude of up to date toiletries we use; the history of items such as the toothbrush, toilet paper, salt deodorant and floating soap. Why is soap better than detergent but detergent is what most of us use, along with a look at the possible demise of the modern toilet and how safe sanitation can be brought to the developing world.

The Painted Face

The Painted Face – Hope in a Jar!  How women have used cosmetics to enhance their appearance from ancient Egypt to modern day, with numerous samples of the materials and chemicals used in the pursuit of beauty, and just how much make-up can change a person’s appearance and chances in life.


Below are sample testimonials received from some of the 100+ talks Liza has given.

"Our first impression of Liza was that she is a practised and confident speaker. Her approach to the topic of Knickers! The History of Underwear was interesting and informative without being too serious. And her style via Zoom was very competent. The part we liked best was the opportunity for members to comment and engage, plus the off-the-cuff comments. We would recommend Liza for Zoom talks for all these reasons.”

West Witney WI

"Liza’s talk on Saffron – threads of gold, was well presented, clear and easy to understand. She used nice, clear pictures, and we recommend her to other groups because the talk was so interesting.”

Steeple Bumpstead Ladies Social Circle

 "Thank you very much for a very entertaining (Zoom) talk on the History of Underwear last night and going by the chat from our members it was well received by them. I made sure my bra was well fitted this morning!” 

Micheldene WI

"Morning Liza, I just wanted to thank you for the delightful (Zoom) talk - we really enjoyed it. It sparked quite a lot of conversation too, which was good.” 

West Ealing WI

"Thank you so much for tonight's (Zoom) talk. So many great comments from those who attended, nobody dropped out part way through and a near record breaking 37 people, so that was fabulous! Really appreciate you doing this for us and we'll definitely be looking into your other talks! We'd love to have you back again.”

Merstham Women’s Group

"Liza is enthusiastic about her subject. She was relaxed and informal, but knowledgeable, and she made the subject (History of Underwear) interesting by talking, a slide show and using well sourced props. She was light-hearted and yet had clearly done lots of research in an enlightening way. She conveyed this important part of female social history in an easy-to-listen-to talk. I would love to hear more of her talks."

Norwich All Saints WI

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