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What Liza does in the daytime

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For my day job, I help the owners of small and medium-sized companies when they reach a crossroads. Perhaps they would like to retire or sell their business, but want to ensure that their team members and employees are looked after, while their legacy is passed over to an ethical, caring investor. Or maybe they have other goals such as a merger or acquisition. This is where I can help.

If you know of anyone you think might welcome my input, do please give them my contact details.

Being the owner of a smaller company can sometimes be quite lonely, and an independent, confidential business confidant can provide the support such owners appreciate. They may like to have a sounding board for their ideas. Or they may need a facilitator to negotiate a range of business challenges from HR and improving staff retention or team building, to sorting out the legal aspects of premises, or the re-structuring of the company to advantage. These are just some examples of the types of assistance I bring.

I have gained a diverse breadth and experience of many industrial sectors from construction and building services to manufacturing and engineering. In consumer fields I have worked with clients as varied as restaurants and retail fashion, perfume and cosmetics, horticulture and entertainment.

My company, Abucon Limited, was set up in 1999 ( since when I have worked with 100+ companies. Today I have an extensive network of partnerships with other investors and corporate specialists giving access to knowledge of all business sectors.

And I recently wrote an 18-page booklet After Lockdown, Breaking Free as a guide to business owners on some techniques they can apply in the current circumstances.  To download your free copy, please click here.

Liza Jones

020 7834 1066

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