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Testimonials and Feedback for Speaker Liza Jones

Below are sample testimonials received from some of the 200+ talks Liza has given.

"Liza is enthusiastic about her subject. She was relaxed and informal, but knowledgeable, and she made the subject (History of Underwear) interesting by talking, a slide show and using well sourced props. She was light-hearted and yet had clearly done lots of research in an enlightening way. She conveyed this important part of female social history in an easy-to-listen-to talk. I would love to hear more of her talks."

Norwich All Saints WI



"Thank you so much for a really interesting and well illustrated (Zoom) talk tonight. It was lovely to see some of the items from your fascinating collection, and it certainly seemed to bring back a few memories to people.”

Warwick WI

"Thank you so much for tonight's (Zoom) talk. So many great comments from those who attended, nobody dropped out part way through and a near record breaking 37 people, so that was fabulous! Really appreciate you doing this for us and we'll definitely be looking into your other talks! We'd love to have you back again.”

Merstham Women’s Group

"Just to say thank you for your talk on Savvy Shopping. Our members found it most enlightening and it has occasioned some discussion since. Whether I’ll study every label, etc remains to be seen, but once again, thank you.”

June, Bures WI

"What an array of underwear ladies have been obliged to wear over the centuries from hefty, scratchy, draughty knickers to modern day, almost invisible, thongs. Liza Jones has a wonderful collection which she brought along to our last meeting. Her clear, well researched presentation on the History of Underwear made for a very interesting, entertaining evening. Liza also circulated her many fine examples providing a trip down memory lane for some members."


"Thank you very much for your very interesting talk about ‘Knickers’ to Dringhouses WI. I’ve had lots of comments on our Whatsapp site this morning from members who are full of praise for your presentation. Hearing about the intimate secrets of women’s underwear makes us realise how lucky we are these day to have comfortable easily washed garments!|"

Dringhouses WI

"From the outset, Liza was clearly eager to contribute to our meeting with her ‘Knickers!’ talk. Her approach was fun while informative, and her style interesting as well as amusing. We would recommend her, especially to women’s groups, as she brought some fascinating examples of historic women’s underwear which provoked nostalgia among our members."

Fornham Ladies Group

"Thank you for a fascinating talk. Who would have thought there were so many interesting facts about Knickers!. You certainly know your subject, and your presentation was very professional, informative and entertaining. And it was great to see all the different styles of underwear.”
Brantham WI

"Thank you for the very interesting talk last night. I really enjoyed it and I thought that your PowerPoint presentation was excellent.” 

 “I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful talk you gave our WI members last night via Zoom. I found it really interesting and its amazing seeing how underwear has changed over time.”

Beverly and Sarah, Bexleyheath & Crayford Waterside WI

“Our initial impression of Liza was ‘This should be good’. She is very confident and knowledgeable, and spoke clearly (on Zoom). Liza was interesting and entertaining. She was well organised with a good mix of facts and examples. The best part of Liza’s presentation was the early history of underwear and Queen Victoria’s knickers!”

Norwich All Saints WI 

"Liza’s talk was carefully planned and delivered in a relaxed but informative way. All the items she brought along to show us made the talk all the more interesting. An extra part of her presentation that we really liked was when she came round to individual tables after her talk and answered our questions about some of the items that she had shown us.” 

Barton Mills Women’s Institute

"Thanks very much for an informative and interesting talk. Your slides and props really worked well. Feedback from the ladies was very positive.”

Finchley WI

"Liza is knowledgeable, and her Zoom talk was well structured. Knickers! is a fun and different topic which got our ladies talking. Liza’s style is relaxed and engaging, and she invoked memories from members.”

Micheldene WI


"Liza’s style is friendly and relaxed. She knew her subject of Savvy Shopping well and it was a great insight into how the companies sell and get us to buy products. We will now be more wary!”

Stoke by Nayland WI

"Having heard Liza before, we knew we would be well entertained. The way she approached the topic of patchwork was very captivating, and I think several people were tempted to start themselves. Liza’s style was informative and lively and brought the Art of Patchwork alive. Watching her demonstrate at the sewing machine, she made it look so easy.”

Marilyn at a Suffolk WI

"When she started to talk about the history of cosmetics, Liza first asked if we could all hear and see her, which was good. She had researched her topic well, and afterwards we enjoyed looking at the samples she brought, including some surprising ones. It was an interesting and different talk.”

Long Melford

"It was obvious when Liza started to talk that we were in for a good night. Her approach to the topic of Savvy Shopping was a real eye opener and her style of presentation very good. She was so interesting and information. A great night was had by all.”

St Mary’s Wives Group

"Liza has a very warm and friendly way of talking; you feel eager to listen to what she has to say. I really don’t think that her presentation could be bettered. We would definitely recommend her talks.”

Marilyn B, Women’s Institute

"Liza is a good speaker, very enthusiastic about her subject – Knickers! The history of underwear. There were lots of examples which were handed around. Her talk was well researched and brought us so many memories of earlier times.”

Creeting St Mary

"Liza is a very confident and good speaker. Her talk on the history of underwear was informative and very professional. All her props and samples were in order and in good condition, and we all enjoyed her presentation.”

Nayland WI

Liza Jones
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